Sunday, April 19, 2009

Works in progress.

Layouts in progress... Color variations on Lee Chong's store, and more work on the lab. I changed the store palette to separate it from the Lab a bit more.

For the lab I'm going to change the garage opening assembly after I get some new photo reference from Rebbaz, and I'm going to try and get the styles to agree more. Any suggestions on the big differences might help.

Both are works in progress, not finishes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Round one

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on stylistic choices and color. I decided to go for a more nostalgic feel by combining influence from both Will Eisner and Earl Oliver Hurst. Below is a style test I did a few weeks back (rather quickly, although I've edited some things that Micah and others suggested):

and here is the first shot in Doc's lab. I just now realized that I didn't include the linework example, but if anyone wants to see it just let me know. It's still roughly colored, but I was especially wondering if the colors are working in this layout? I have difficulty balancing saturated and unsaturated color, I've noticed.
Also, I realize that layouts shouldn't have characters, but I'm doing the rest of my layouts without characters, and then adding them in on a separate layer.
I just think it's so much more interesting with a person, though. :3

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

First round of work

Here's the first round of work I had on the server. Any pertinent comments are welcome.

Below is a style test I did just to see where the look of my project is most likely heading, starting with something less complex than an interior shot. I'm going for a Golden Book / 50's Modern look. I may add some boats in the foreground, but since this is "extra" work it won't be my priority. I probably will make some slight value adjustments to push the whites more towards the atmosphere color.
And below are some possible camera angles of Lee Chong's Grocery.These are created to give me an idea about general placement of props and set objects, and an idea of where the action could be taking place on screen. They are not intended to answer all my design questions or any questions about lighting.

I forgot to put something in that represents a human scale to other viewers, but I intended the counter to be just above Lee Chong's waist.

From outside, seeing into shop.
Overhead view looking towards counter. Behind counter is liquor shelf, and windows/door.
Over the shoulder view from doorway.
Elevated view of counter from side. Lee Chong & customer action in lower right third.
Lower view of same, except tops of shelves are visible heading towards wall. I may need to zoom out/ move the camera down to show some of the floor in front of the counter.